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We specialize in providing custom healthcare software development services, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Custom healthcare software designed for patient and provider success.

Imagine a healthcare world where technology seamlessly empowers both patients and providers, leading to better outcomes, happier patients, and a more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. 

That is the goal of App Dev, a custom healthcare software development company that creates solutions to bridge the gap between patient needs and provider capabilities. We think that technology, when created with human-centered principles at its heart, has the potential to be a tremendous instrument for healthcare transformation. 

This isn't just software; it's a commitment to transformative healthcare. We believe technology shouldn't be a roadblock, but a powerful tool to optimize workflows, improve patient outcomes, and drive organizational success. Our agile development approach ensures your software evolves alongside your needs, delivering a lasting partnership for growth. 


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Telemedicine Software Development

Bridge the gap and give outstanding care with our unique Telemedicine software solutions. Improve patient access, increase practice efficiency, and transform how healthcare is delivered, all from the comfort of their own homes. 

Healthcare Compliance Software 

We specialize in developing innovative products that assure strict adherence to regulatory standards, offering healthcare businesses with powerful tools for navigating complicated compliance requirements effortlessly.

Patient Engagement Software  

Strengthen the bond between healthcare providers and patients with our customized patient engagement software. With simple user interfaces and personalized communication tools, our software enhances patient experiences, encouraging active participation in their healthcare journey.

Remote Patient Monitoring 

We develop Remote Patient Monitoring software that revolutionizes healthcare by delivering advanced monitoring capabilities into the comfort of patients' homes. Patients remain independent and comfortable, allowing healthcare providers to successfully manage greater patient groups.

Disease Management Software 

Our comprehensive solution transforms healthcare by offering effective tools for monitoring and controlling chronic illnesses, as well as promoting clear communication between healthcare professionals and patients

Corporate Wellness Software 

We develop software designed to prioritize employee health and productivity which includes fitness challenges, mental health resources, and personalized wellness plans, fostering a culture of holistic well-being within your organization.

Medical Diagnostics Solutions 

Leave guesswork behind as advanced imaging, rapid testing, and AI-powered algorithms dissect symptoms and deliver definitive answers. From innovative imaging solutions to diagnostic software, our commitment to excellence ensures a comprehensive approach to medical diagnostics, improving patient care and outcomes

Managed Care Software Solutions 

Analyze trends in real-time, predict costs, and make data-driven decisions that boost quality while controlling expenses. Navigate the complexities of healthcare delivery with confidence with Managed Care Software Solutions.

EMR/EHR Solutions 

Our EMR/EHR Solutions optimize workflows, enabling healthcare providers to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks which not only ensures accurate documentation but also facilitates secure communication among healthcare teams, promoting collaboration for enhanced patient care. 

Cutting-edge options for advanced analytics

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HIPAA Compliance 

We prioritize the privacy and security of healthcare data, ensuring that our applications meet the rigorous requirements set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Our development team combines innovation with a steadfast commitment to HIPAA compliance, crafting robust healthcare apps that safeguard sensitive patient information.  

Resource Management


PointClickCare Partner 

Our PointClickCare partnership gives healthcare professionals access to a broad network of tools and resources. PCC Integration solutions, when paired with our customized software development experience, allow healthcare providers to provide more efficient and patient-centered care. 

We integrate


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Our applications are not just smart; they're intuitive, adaptive, and designed to learn and evolve. Leveraging AI and ML technologies, we craft solutions that understand user behavior, provide personalized experiences, and continuously optimize performance.

Quality Management


HL7 Integration 

HL7 interface software can help to improve research quality by enabling more dependable and consistent data sharing across various research organizations. Our team comprises proficient HL7 interface developers that possess up-to-date knowledge of HL7 standards and can provide customized interface solutions tailored to your organization's unique requirements. 

Healthcare Integrations

Empowering businesses for growth and success.

Epic Integration 

Our specialized Epic Integration solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of healthcare operations, ensuring a cohesive flow of patient information across the entire care continuum. With our expertise, healthcare organizations can unlock the full potential of Epic EHR by integrating it with other critical systems such as billing, laboratory, and radiology


Our PCC Integration bridges gaps between primary care providers, specialists, and other healthcare stakeholders, fostering enhanced communication and collaboration. PCC Integration empowers healthcare teams to deliver more personalized and coordinated care. 

Careport Integration 

Appdev's Careport Integration is a dynamic solution designed to transform patient care coordination and simplify healthcare procedures.This unique integration enables healthcare companies to optimize resource allocation, improve patient outcomes, and provide a more patient-centered experience. 

Surescript Integration 

Surescript Integration enables healthcare companies to increase patient safety, eliminate medication mistakes, and optimize prescription management. From real-time prescription routing to automated medication history retrieval, Appdev's solutions are intended to improve processes, encourage collaboration among healthcare stakeholders, and ultimately raise the level of patient care.

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